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“If you have been offered an audition for a cello position in a professional orchestra, Blaise Déjardin has created the perfect guide to achieving your goal.

Déjardin offers a world of advice about preparing for your audition, coping with nerves, keeping calm on the audition day itself and dealing with making mistakes. The orchestral excerpts make an invaluable collection for amateur orchestral cellists as well as those preparing for professional auditions. Suggested bowings and fingerings are also included. A well-conceived and very user-friendly book.


"Bravo to my dear colleague and friend Blaise Dejardin!

This is a fantastic book to prepare an orchestral audition, giving advice not only from the cellistic side but also from a psychological point of view, so useful for all auditions...a precious book to read! I wish you all lots of success for your next audition!"

GAUTIER CAPUÇON (International Cello Soloist & Teacher at Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris, France)

"Blaise Dejardin lays it all out in his new book. From general concepts of preparation to specifics of execution, Audition Day is a gold mine of time-tested tips and solutions.

Any young cellist contemplating an audition would be wise to take his advice to heart."

CARTER BREY (Principal Cello, New York Philharmonic)

Audition Day was a crucial factor in helping me win my first orchestral audition. I found out in this book that mental preparation was as important as the excerpts, if not more. Whether you are thinking of taking auditions in the future or are already in the audition circuit, Audition Day is a useful toolbox to have.”

DALE JEONG (Associate Principal
Cello, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra)

“Blaise Dejardin delivers a blockbuster hit for any aspiring
cellist who is looking for a hands-on instruction manual on how to thrive in an audition. His in-depth knowledge is gold, his delivery precise, poignant and practical. Makes me want to work through the essential excerpts all over again!”

JOHANNES MOSER (International Cello Soloist & Faculty at Hochschule fur Musik, Cologne, Germany)

Audition Day contains sophisticated and organized ideas, laid out in a friendly and approachable fashion that has helped me prepare for auditions. I particularly enjoyed reading about Blaise’s approach to practice structuring and mindset before, during, and after the audition. I can’t recommend this book enough!”

LUIS CELIS (Associate Principal
Bass, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra)

"What a terrific book! It is thoughtful, logical, clear, and extremely helpful. Anyone taking orchestral auditions will find this an excellent and invaluable resource."

JOHN SHARP (Principal Cello, Chicago Symphony Orchestra)

“Blaise has done a very important work with the creation of this book. I am sure this will be a crucial help for many cellists out there who are tackling one of the hardest challenges a musician faces these days. The words in this book come directly from a great cellist with the necessary experience and the ability to communicate it clearly. I strongly recommend it!”

KIAN SOLTANI (International Cello

“It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, lost, or paralyzed by uncertainty when one is new to orchestral auditions. And while there may be no single approach that works for everyone, there are certain essential guidelines, principles, and key details that seem to be universally helpful.

Blaise shares these foundational strategies - as well as some intriguingly counterintuitive yet well-reasoned bonus tips - in Audition Day. An audition preparation guide that I suspect will be a calming and reassuring presence not just during the months and weeks leading up to your audition, but on the day of the audition as well!”

NOA KAGEYAMA (Performance Psychologist, Faculty at the
Juilliard School, NYC, USA)

"As student cellists, the audition process is shrouded in mystery.  As we begin to enter the process, the results can seem at times confusing and unfathomable. Following his own amazing success, Mr. Dejardin is ready to share his take on preparing for and executing a successful orchestral audition. This highly detailed book is clearly a labor of love, and timely, as too little attention has been paid in the past to what for many musicians is the most consequential 10 or 15 minute performance of their lives. This book should be an eye-opening guide and will be an excellent starting point for young cellists- I can't recommend it strongly enough!"

BRINTON SMITH (Principal Cello, Houston Symphony Orchestra
& Faculty at Rice University, Houston, USA)

"Cellists will be especially pleased because this book focuses on them, but it can be used as a primer for any instrumental audition as the tenets that it promotes are universal. Mr. Déjardin’s insights into every detail of preparation are comprehen-sive in scope and colored with the prism of experience. His comments on standard audition repertoire are practical and simply explained, and the entire book could not be better organized or more succinct. In other words, while this book won’t win you an audition because it can’t play, it contains a very useful toolbox for audition success and starting a career as a professional orchestral musician."

STEVEN ANSELL (Principal Viola, Boston Symphony Orchestra)

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About Blaise Déjardin

At the heart of Audition Day is Strasbourg-born cellist Blaise Déjardin, the 14th principal cello in the history of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Described by BSO music director Andris Nelsons as “an absolute complete musician with an exquisite breadth of tone, beautiful musical phrasing, and inspired creativity and imagination, only matched by his supreme dedication to conveying the true spirit of the music” Déjardin has graced prestigious stages worldwide, captivating audiences as a soloist, chamber musician, orchestral player and recording artist.

Audition Day is the culmination of Déjardin's expertise. As principal cellist, he brings a wealth of experience to aspiring musicians, offering a curated guide for orchestral auditions. Blaise's commitment to musical education is evident in Opus Cello, his online sheet music publishing company, and his role on the faculty of the New England Conservatory. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of Audition Day, an eye-opening guide crafted by a trailblazer in the world of classical music.

A Blueprint for Audition Success

Elevate your cello audition preparation to new heights with our exclusive guide, "Audition Day." Crafted by Blaise Dejardin, Principal Cello of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, this concise yet powerful cello excerpts book is your key to achieving unparalleled precision in every audition.

Inside, discover 38 orchestral cello excerpts meticulously detailed with fingerings, bowings, and expert instructions. It's a roadmap to refining your technique, interpreting excerpts with accuracy and style, and standing out in professional auditions.

Join a community of dedicated musicians who have recognized the invaluable insights within "Audition Day," endorsed by world-class cellists Johannes Moser, John Sharp, Gautier Capuçon, Carter Brey, Kian Soltani, and Brinton Smith.

Many readers of Audition Day won prestigious positions in major US orchestras using the preparation plan and mindset concepts described in the book.

Your journey to audition success begins here. Order your copy today and reach your goals in the competitive world of orchestral auditions.